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Do you want to become a L2 level teacher of Italian and work as a teacher in Italy and abroad? 

DITALS training and preparation courses in Rome

DITALS Training and preparation Courses

Do you want to qualify as a qualified Italian L2 teacher and work as a teacher in Italy and abroad? 

DITALS training and preparation courses in Rome

The DITALS preparation course in Rome is what you are looking for to get your Italian teacher qualification for foreigners. 

Do you want to become L2 level teacher of Italian and work as a teacher in Italy and abroad? 

DITALS training courses are accredited and supervised by the University for Foreigners of Siena and vary in length and variety to meet the necessary requirements and fully prepare you for any level of the DITALS exam. They aim to provide participants with a theoretical foundation and the opportunity to master multiple teaching methods, providing the most appropriate tools for future teachers to face teaching experience in the classroom or individual courses.

Characteristics of our DITALS courses in Rome

Each course will conclude with a mock DITALS exam.

ContentGlottodidactic training 24h + exam preparation + 6h simulations
Duration30 h
Price650,00 €
With this module you will get a general competence in teaching Italian L2 in relation to any learning context and a specific competence towards a defined profile of recipients chosen by you: (children, adolescents, adults or seniors, immigrants, university students, learners with an Italian origin, learners of homogeneous mother tongue: Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, German, tourist-hotel operators, Catholic religious and US students – University Study Abroad).
Supplementary Modules for DITALS 2
ContentTheoretical training 2h + Practical tests and exam preparation 4h
Duration6 h
Price120,00 €
CodeDitals 2
ContentGlottodidactic training 30h + exam preparation + 6h simulations
Duration36 h
Price750,00 €
This course provides advanced competence in teaching Italian to foreigners and is perfect for teachers who work in any teaching context and with any group of learners.
Guided Simulations
Duration2,5 h
Price100,00 €

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